FORTECH’s professional Wiring Solutions are the cornerstone of modern communication systems for both residential and commercial settings. Our comprehensive services range from structured cabling and future proofing setups to specialized wiring for home automation, audio/visual systems, and security frameworks. Let FORTECH empower your lifestyle or business with dependable and high-quality wiring services.

  • Structured Cabling
  • Smart Home Wiring
  • Security Wiring
  • Audio & Video Wiring
  • Data Wiring
  • Future Proofing

Why Choose Us:

  • Precision setup tailored to your property’s layout.
  • Utilize the latest in security advancements for superior protection.
  • Ongoing support to ensure your systems function flawlessly.


Structured Cabling

Robust network foundation for data, voice, and video.

Home Automation Wiring

Infrastructure for smart home tech, from lighting to entertainment.

Security Wiring

Dependable wiring for CCTV and alarms, securing your premises.

Audio & Video Wiring

Optimal wiring for enhanced home theater and audio experiences.

Data Wiring

High-speed Category cable and Fiber Optic connections for data demands.

Future Proofing

Installation of excess wires and conduits to easily adapt to future technology upgrades.

...and more. We can't list it all so send us a quick message if you have any questions.

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